757 VARSITY 7 on 7


run by Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf

Text: 757-726-7357 for immediate help / questions

The purpose of this league is to provide a football opportunity for Varsity students prior to summer High School workouts.  The second purpose of this spring league is to TEACH COLLECTIVE SPORTSMANSHIP between coaches, students & parents.

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Every weekend May 7 – June 5 (5 total weekends)
Age Divisions:
“Open varsity”: Students can be ANY age at the coaches discretion
Costs: Team & Individual Pricing
** All players MUST register through our website for liability purposes**
Teams can register & pay per player (individually) or as a group / team
Individual Cost: $50 for all 5 weeks.  There is a 14 player minimum per team
Team Cost: $150 per team / weekend.  There is a 20 player maximum
Team Cost must be pre-paid to be placed on schedule (no payment day of)
June 5 Tournament = $400

Individuals & Teams CAN join by weekend, you do NOT have to play in all 5 weekends.  Individual registration will go down $10 each week.
Team registration remains $150 / per weekend

June 5 will be an OPEN tournament.  This tournament will be LIVE streamed for college coaches.  Teams who register for all 5 weeks, will have paid automatic entrance into June 5 tournament.
Teams who register ONLY for June 5, will pay $400 per team to enter

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There will be a $5 entrance fee per weekend. All $ collected at the gate will (hopefully) cover all our costs involved in running this league in the manner we wish to run it.  Parents can PRE-PAY their pass at check out & save $5

What is included in League PLAYER fee?
3 – 20 minute games per weekend
Paid referees
Paid security enforcement
Paid Director of Conduct (Coaches, parents, players)
Facility rental fee
League insurance
Covid safety materials
Paid league administration =
Check in, clock management, scoring
Sportsplex Facility Management costs


Your teams specific game times will be between these times
Schedule release upon league completion.

Friday May 7: 5pm – 6:30pm
Saturday May 15:  9am – 12pm 
Sunday May 23:  3:30pm – 6:30pm
Saturday May 29:  9am – 12pm
Saturday June 5:  12pm – 4pm

– We will NOT wear head gear, to DISCOURAGE physicality
– We will NOT wear flags, to DISCOURAGE & minimize touching
– Teams must provide / wear their own uniform (we do not provide)
– 3 coaches per team max
– First four weeks will be 3 game “pool” play
– No other persons / people on the field: players + coaches only


Want to play but your varsity team isn’t joining?
Join our team!  The “757 Royals” will be Norfolk Indoor’s team
$100 to join, which covers league registration fee
We will practice 1x per week and compete each weekend
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All league rules will be highly enforced. Law enforcement WILL be at every contest to protect league officials and administration
We ask that all involved WORK TOGETHER to make this league organized, efficient, and an awesome experience for young people


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