Coach Zohn Burden is a former stand out athlete from Virginia Beach who played D1 football, in the NFL, & has multiple football coaching stops at Old Dominion, Richmond, and most recently Virginia Tech.

Coach Zohn & his staff work specifically with athletes of ALL SPORTS on speed development, change of direction, and explosive movements.

Speed School is a program that trains specific position movements that happen in a game!  Speed kills in all sports!!  True sports speed is explosive reaction speed.  You see or hear something, your brain processes it, and—BAM! — you’re moving. 

We help athletes develop that for their sport through a training system we call M.O.R.R., which stands for Movement, Overspeed, Resistance and Reaction. The M.O.R.R. System uses a line of equipment invented by Chip Smith to isolate sport movements and apply resistance. It also includes techniques that train the brain to respond quickly to audible and visual cues, like it must do in game situations.

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E-Mail: norfolkindoorsports@gmail.com
Phone: 757-390-6964


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