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Below is information specifically for coaches looking for indoor facility space for their teams & programs.
NIST was created with coaches and private trainers in mind.  We realize when cold, rain, heat, lightning, and sunlight concerns arise, school gymnasium space becomes limited, and athletic programs & coaches are always looking to continue their practices and programming.

We have created the most simple, user friendly process in the industry for your teams to access our facility right from the web.

Coaches  Info & Pricing – Click Here

Packages: Click – Pay – Play

Simple easy process to purchase time and schedule your practice!  Below is a simple, user friendly process to view our hourly facility packages. Once your hours are purchased, you literally just click & book the time slots you desire on our calendar. That’s it. You will receive e-mail & text confirmation of your booking, and a NIST representative will be present to make sure all your needs are met.

Simple Booking Process – Start Here

1. Click Here – Which brings you to our HOURLY BOOKING PAGE.

2. Top Left: Reservation Types – Sort by FACILITY Rental
View our Packages.  Book from 1 hour to 40 hours at a time, based on your needs & budget.  Purchase your desired package.

3. Click Here  –  & Pick Your Sessions: That simple!  No e-mailing, no calling.  
Use your hours up to 1 year.  You have the hours, reserve times & space as you want / need.  Control the booking yourself, or allow coaches to book.  

Book Now ASAP

Want to call, give payment, and have us manually book your hours? DONE. Call 757-390-6964 and we will have your transaction completed in 60 seconds.  

Available Sports, Facility Uses

Norfolk Indoor Sports turf is a 8,000 sq. foot indoor facility with wall to wall field turf surface.  Our facility is 40 yards long x 27 yards wide.
Click Here for Diagram.
Our facility divides into 2 segments, and netting can create 4 batting cages for baseball / softball.
Our facility is intended for ANY sport & activity at your school outside of baskeball & swimming.

Other Information

Click Here  – To view PDF of facility hour packages & prices.

Click Here – To view PDF of how to become a TEAM partner with NIST

Facility PHOTOS

Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf offers an 8,000 sq ft. facility equipped with a “field-turf” surface for year round indoor training. Designed for all sports and ages, NIST is perfect for training, practices, games, parties, & events. Check out the trainers, sports, and practices offered at NIST, or, “click-pay-play” to reserve the space yourself!