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February 2022 – April 2022

Year two of our ultra organized and competitive Spring 7 v 7 Football League!
We offer TEAM registration (free)  along with INDIVIDUAL registration
Our league is 7 weeks, 2 games per week, playoffs, championship game with VHSL refs on the main stadium field at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex!

Our company goes above and beyond to provide an ultra organized and competitive league that places a tremendous emphasis on sportsmanship from ALL involved (coaches, parents & players)

The teams we offer to join by city – include coaches with D1 experience, scheduled practices, playbook, jerseys & more!  Check out all of our options!

Any questions whatsoever, text: 757-726-7357

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Dates:  February 26 – April 9 (6 weeks + playoffs)
Games:  2 – 20 minute games per weekend
Game Times:  Click Here
Location: Virginia Beach Sportsplex
2044 Landstown Centre Way
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
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Age Divisions: 5 total divisions
Varsity = Grades: 9 – 12
Middle School = Grades: 6 – 8
Grade School = Grades 3 – 5
“5U Flag” = ages 5 & under: Click Here

Individual Registration:  $75 / $300
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Question: Why are some teams $75 and some $300?
Read Below in Detail: The Teams we provide include a paid coach, practice time, playbook & jersey


Interested in registering a TEAM in our league?  Great – here is ALL of the info!
It is FREE to register a TEAM.  Simply “click here” and fill out our FREE form, with all specific team info (age division, team name, team organizer)
After that, we have 2 simple steps – and your entire team roster will be ready to participate!  Click Here – to Register a Team (Free)

Step 1:  We will add YOUR TEAM NAME to our registration drop down.  Your students will use this link (click here) to register ($75 total fee).  As the coach, you simply text, e-mail, post on social media the link to register.  That is it!

Step 2:  As each player registers, you will get an “team excel sheet” with your roster & all of their info.  Thats it!  As the “coach” or team manager, ALL you have to do is fill out the FREE TEAM REGISTRATION FORM: click here

Each Team is Provided:
+  2 – 20 minutes games per weekend
+  Official league standings, by wins & points
+  Each game has VHSL refs
+  Paid director of conduct (for coaches, fans, and players)
+  Each game played on main stadium field at VB Sportsplex


As we did last year, we provide highly organized, extremely well coached teams by city for parents & students looking for a great team to join.
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Team Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Chesapeake & Team Peninsula
+  We will provide each team by age division (HS, MS ect.)
+  Each team will have a dedicated coach & playbook
+  Each team will practice 1x per week, with 2 games per weekend
+  Each team will have game day jersey top with number (their choice!)
+  Each team will have professional team & individual photo shoot
+  Cost is $300 per player.  Payment plan available
+  Teams will practice in their respective city.  Team Norfolk will practice in Norfolk.  Team VB will practice in Virginia Beach ect.
All games are at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex 

The benefit of our teams is that our teams will be very organized, students will be taught sound skill development at practice, and will run high school / college schematics during games preparing them for the next level

Practice will follow strict curriculum focusing on developing fundamentals while teaching sound offensive and defensive schematics, which we call “Football 101”

Our Coaching Staff:
David Watford:  Former University of Virginia Quarterback (Hampton High)
Blake LaRussa: Former ODU Quarterback (Grassfield / Catholic High)
Hayden Wolff:  Current ODU Starting Quarterback (Venice High)


Our “5u Flag” (ages: 5 & under) division is catered for young students looking to be introduced to the game of football in a fun, safe and structured environment

The students registered at the “5u level” (5 years old and under) – there will not be set predetermined teams, they will be placed on different teams each week as they learn and go through game play

Each weekend our coaches will conduct a group warm up, conduct 25 minutes of skill development, followed up by fun & structured flag football gameplay!

Our coaching staff will ensure the games are organized, the students are learning, having fun and are having a positive experience!

Students will play our custom “FAST 5” Flag Football Game which our current parents and students absolutely love.  Fast 5 flag football is a combination of structured / sound football plays in an up-tempo game that involves all players – with exciting and fun gameplay while learning the game of football properly for the future

5U Flag Football Information
Dates:  Feb 26 – April 2 (6 weeks)
Days:  Every Saturday
Ages:  5 years old & younger
Times:  9am – 10:30am
Location: Norfolk Indoor Sports
Cost: $100

Click Here – for All “5U FLAG” Info & Registration
Very detailed info for parents at link!


Last year was year 1 of our league – and it was a tremendous success!
We hosted 22 team in three separate age divisions

The mission of our league is to provide an organized opportunity for players to compete with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship from coaches, parents & players

We believe that our league can have a high level of competition (this is not a “city rec league”) while ALSO having great sportsmanship – which unfortunately can take away from 7 v 7 leagues & programs at times

Our company is committed to making this an awesome experience for all involved again in Spring 2022!

If you have a suggestion (we love constructive criticism) please e-mail us at norfolkindoorsports@gmail.com or text: 757-726-7357


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