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Facility Rental Process:

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3. The booking page will give you package options to secure your time & space. That simple. Upon purchase, we will e-mail you with specific parking, time, and administrative items for you to be aware of.

Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf is an 8,000 sq foot indoor facility installed with high end field turf for any sports activity and custom netting that allows the facility to be split, and creates 4 batting cages. Not designed simply for sports, “NIST” can be used for adult parties, youth birthday parties, corporate events, any event looking for indoor space.

The rental process is very simple. Regardless of your activity, select the dates and times you want, click our rental calendar, and begin the booking process. We have by far the best indoor rental prices in the 757, and the only indoor field turf in the City of Norfolk. Below our price chart shows our different hourly package options that allow you to save even more!

The facility is booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Full payment of your rental is required at the time of reservation. Without full payment, we can not reserve your time. Any cancellations must be made at least 72 hours in advance. If you wish to book a reoccurring rental please click here.

* For immediate assistance, or over the phone booking, please call 757-390-6964.

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Building Dimensions
Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf
Size, Surface, Netting, Accomodations
Turf Surface Size
8,000 square feet
Turf Yardage Dimensions
40 yards long x 27 yards wide
Batting Cages
4 batting cages with infield
“Field Turf” Sports Turf
Splits surface into 2 spaces
2 ADA Bathrooms
Hours Hourly Price Total Price Savings
1 Hour $80 $80 $0
2 Hour Package $70 $140 $20
6 Hour Package $65 $390 $90
10 Hour Package $60 $600 $200
20 hour package $55 $1,100 $500
40 hour package $50 $2,000 $1,200
Birthday Party $100 $300 $500

Facility PHOTOS

Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf offers an 8,000 sq ft. facility equipped with a “field-turf” surface for year round indoor training. Designed for all sports and ages, NIST is perfect for training, practices, games, parties, & events. Check out the trainers, sports, and practices offered at NIST, or, “click-pay-play” to reserve the space yourself!