Norfolk Indoor Sports / Sports757.com opened on March 1, 2020
Our company was designed to provide students and coaches an affordable indoor training location in Norfolk / the 757

Since 2020, our company has grown tremendously, servicing over 30,000 customers – across ALL sports, events, birthday parties & more
We also (since DAY 1) have taken our role in the community very seriously, not just existing as a business, but truly having a commitment to impacting people both by HOW WE TREAT THEM, and opportunities we can provide
Our company has provided over 50 free events (1 per month) for students in the 757, in a variety of sports.  Field hockey clinics with Meghan Stocks at Maury, Taylor Heinicke Football Camp this past May, free soccer clinics with Hampton Head Soccer Coach Matheau Hall – just to name a few

We have also donated considerable funds to awesome organizations in the 757 such as: Park Place Elementary, ODU Women’s Soccer, ODU Women’s Lacrosse, CHKD, to name a few

The “stars” of our organization are our awesome trainers / teachers and our amazing students who attend our classes, camps, clinics & birthday parties!
Because of the popularity of what we do, our social media and e-mail distribution has exploded.  We have the strongest social media presence of any indoor training facility in Hampton Roads (by far) – we hit EVERY google metric.  Our e-mail distribution chain is over 10,000 people!  We have an awesome, loyal following of customers & supporters!

What we are asking our “Sports757” family to do, is assist us providing even more opportunities for students & families in Hampton Roads.  We have created something SUPER simple & digestible, called the 300 CLUB!

A donation of $300, will go DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR to provide awesome experiences for students, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford or be provided the programs & opportunities we offer at Norfolk Indoor Sports!

Below are the 4 donation types we are offering.  We hope you get involved.  There ARE benefits for you (individually, or as a business)

Click Here – to Sponsor a Student, Group, Team or Class



As described above, we have five simple ways you can GIVE to provide opportunities for students in the 757.  You can also be specific about what area, or school you want to pin point your donation towards.

1.)  7 Week – Sports Training Class (multiple sports options)
Year round, our company provides 7 week sports training classes for students to learn sport fundamentals, drills, skills, and most importantly gain confidence!  These classes are primarily taught by current & former D1 student-athletes at ODU, Hampton, Norfolk State & William & Mary
$300 would provide FREE enrollment for 3 students into one of our 7 week programs.  

2.)  Nerf & Sports Birthday Party
Our company and facility in Norfolk leads the 757 in youth sports birthday parties!  We offer Official Nerf Games, as well as soccer, flag football, volleyball, batting cages, whiffle ball, dodgeball, corn hole & more!
We provide the tables & chairs, all families have to do is show up!
To say these parties are fun and interactive is an understatement!
A $300 donation would provide a 3 hour party, completely free to a student and his family.  Not only would the party be free – he can invite all his friends and family absolutely for free!  
Our company will match your donation, and will pitch in an provide the student & family with custom birthday party invitations, we will provide Papa Johns Pizza, drinks & a birthday cake!

3.)  Free Enrollment in our Spring 7 v 7 Passing League
Our company runs the largest 7 v 7 Passing League in the State of Virginia, with over 26 teams enrolled this past year in 4 different age divisions
The league is super organized, allows young boys & girls to compete in flag football, in a fun 

4.)  Sponsor our Friday OR Saturday Youth Pick Up Soccer
Every single Friday & Saturday we have a VERY POPULAR program which is “$10 – Youth Pick Up Soccer”.  Parents love it because it is YEAR ROUND, always at the same time, only $10 – which makes it affordable & accessible
Your $300 sponsorship would make ALL STUDENTS free that Friday OR Saturday (you can pick the date)
Not only will every student / family know that YOU sponsored the day, but you / your company can set up a table (and / or) hand out fliers for your business
A great way to connect your company to a variety of families that come from VB, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton.  
Many parents love this class because on rainy days, or days their kids are off, it is a great option.  BUT (please note this).  We do know this class is meaningful for a lot of families because it is only $10.  Many students / families in the 757 cannot afford private training or travel clubs who have $1,000+ fees ect.

5.)  Sponsor a TEAM PRACTICE
We don’t have enough space on this page to list the amount of youth baseball, lacrosse, softball, football & soccer teams who WANT to rent Norfolk Indoor Sports (especially on weather days) but do not have the funding to rent
Keep in mind we are (by far) the most affordable indoor rental facility in the 757, with fees as low as $50 per hour
Your $300 donation will give a team 6 hours of practice / rental time!
This is INVALUABLE for many of these teams / programs who simply don’t have the funding to rent.  Obviously we would love to give away indoor space all the time, but we would be out of business.  
The days you sponsor a practice, we will do a TEAM photo / post photos of the team practicing – and tag your business if you want.  
These pics & posts on our social media are VERY popular

Click Here – to Sponsor a Student, Group, Team or Class


If you or your company donates, we DO have some special things we would like to do for you and your company.
First and foremost – on the 1st of each month, we are going to publicly publish via social media and e-mail the list of individuals and businesses who have donated and joined our “300 club”
Our e-mail distribution list has grown to nearly 9,000 families in the 757
We have the largest social media following of ANY indoor sports facility in the 757 which we take a tremendous amount of pride in

+ We will place every individual name / business name physically INSIDE our indoor facility (on our wall)
+ We will do one stand alone social media post, bragging about your donation – and what you are providing to students in the 757
+ We will allow you to set up a table at ANY of our classes or events to distribute any information you want regarding your business
+ We will have your business (and your businesses link) on our website

*If you are NOT a business, and are simply and individual looking to help, contribute, and do something GREAT for a certain student or organization – we can do custom items for you if you want 🙂 


If you (personally) or your company want to do a custom sponsorship, we would obviously love to work to accomplish anything you are looking for
If your company wants to do a special event AT our facility, wants to create a special program, we can customize anything. 

We do want to provide companies the opportunity to be TITLE sponsor for our most popular programs & special events

+ We have a Spring 7 v 7 Passing League with over 25 teams (10k)
+ We have the Taylor Heinicke Football Camp every Memorial Day (10k)
+ We have the Taylor Heinicke 7 v 7 Passing Tournament in July (5k)
+ We will have our annual “March Madness” dodgeball tournament (5k)
+ We will do our first annual “Norfolk Ghent Olympics” in March (5k)
+ Sponsor one of our June / July / August summer camps (5k)

With one of these larger sponsorships, we will meet in person – and talk about ALL the items you / your company will want to maximize your donation.

Click Here – to Sponsor a Student, Group, Team or Class



Our company provides a variety of sports training classes year round in Norfolk & Virginia Beach for students of all ages!  
Group classes to private 1 v 1 lessons, we have training options for players of all skill levels!
Click Here – to view all of our Sports Training Options 



Lots of space, lots of customizable options, SMALL PRICE!
Soccer party, flag football, dodgeball tournament, whiffle ball, and of course our most popular party: NERF WAR BATTLE party!
Our rental price is $100 per hour which includes everything!  Includes tables, chairs, game play – ZERO additional fees.  We even have bounce house options now!

Click Here – for full overview & all birthday options!
Remember, we are right in Ghent (Norfolk) and we have over 200 restaurants, breweries and bars within 2 miles of our facility that can cater!



Facility PHOTOS

Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf offers an 8,000 sq ft. facility equipped with a “field-turf” surface for year round indoor training. Designed for all sports and ages, NIST is perfect for training, practices, games, parties, & events. Check out the trainers, sports, and practices offered at NIST, or, “click-pay-play” to reserve the space yourself!