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Any team, any group, any sport!  We have a concept that is exploding in popularity, which is D1 Team Training.  Our Division 1 coaches & players run one, or multiple practices with YOUR team / group for one low price.  Our trainers can provide our very popular Speed, Agility & Conditioning class “Speed School” OR a sport specific training session OR a blend of both.  

Why would a team do this?  What is this designed for?

Working with an experienced D1 coach / player.  A change of pace.  A different workout with new drills & skills.  Working with a sport specific expert who serves as a mentor / inspiration to young people.  All great reasons that teams are booking 1, or scheduled workouts with our trainers!


Very simple process, fill out our FREE FORM, and we can connect you to your desired trainer, dates, times & location!
If you are located in the 757, we can provide Norfolk Indoor Turf (free of charge) or facilities in Virginia Beach & Chesapeake!
We can also use your facility, school, gym – or an indoor facility close to you!
This can be 1 stand alone workout or we can schedule multiple workouts over a set time period.

Cost: $125 per workout (total)
Students: Up to 25 students per workout!  No charge per student, great price!
Workout time: 1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes)
Workout types (all the same price)

Speed School: Teaching proper running form & speed mechanics.  Agility and change of direction drills.  Plyometric work.  Plus conditioning.  Great for all sports.  Trains athletes to be more explosive and efficient!

Skills Training: Any sport.  This training is going to teach the fundamentals with great detail, providing drills and skills used at elite high schools and college programs.  The skill development will be age appropriate while introducing concepts to help players through their career.

Speed + Skills: 30 minutes of Speed, Agility & Conditioning paired with 45 minutes of Skills Training.  Students get a proper warm up, train their body, then dive into sport specific skills training and drills.  A great workout for any sport, any athlete type.

Want more than 1 trainer?  No problem.  Each additional trainer = $75 per workout.  Our trainers typically have no problem handling a team / small group on their own, but it is always your choice.

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757 Clients:  If you live in the 757, your workout comes with access to Norfolk Indoor Sports (FREE OF CHARGE!).  The $125 per workout INCLUDES facility fee (yes, awesome value).  We also have access to other facilities in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake & Newport News.
Reminder that Norfolk Indoor’s Facility has 4 batting cages (baseball / softball) and is the ONLY indoor field turf in the City of Norfolk, great for football, lacrosse, soccer, field hockey and more!  No training on synthetic golf turf laid on concrete designed for display, NOT training for youth athletes.

Outside of the 757:  We can do the training at your school, gym, or home facility or LOCATE an indoor facility to rent.  That rental price will be communicated & simply passed on with zero up-charge.


Example 1: (re-occurring at Norfolk Indoor Sports)
You are the coach / team parent for the “Virginia Beach Tide” (example)
You elect to set up a “Speed & Skills” practice every Tuesday / Thursday in January – February 2022 (16 total days)
You set it up at Norfolk Indoor Sports.  The total cost is only $125 per session.
Because you have 20 students on the team, that is only $6 per student / practice.  Your students receive 30 minutes of Speed, Agility & Conditioning work combined with 45 minutes of skill development in a 75 minute class.

Example 2: (re-occurring at Norfolk Indoor Sports)
You are the head baseball coach of the Chesapeake Big Woodys (example).  You elect to set up “Speed & Skills” every Monday December – February at Norfolk Indoor Sports.  Our trainer does 25 minutes of Speed, Agility & Conditioning.  Then with the remaining 50 minutes, half the team takes batting practice in our 4 batting cages while the other half of the team does fielding, catching & pitching work in our “in-field” space!  Only $125 per session!  Want to add an extra hour?  Only $90 / hour after that (full facility)

Example 3: (team training at a remote location)
You have a Youth Football Team in Suffolk.  You want our trainers to take your team through a practice at YOUR field / gymnasium.  
We send our top coaches / trainers to your location – they work with our staff, at your location.  Only $125 for the 75 minutes!  We have run remote practices in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, the Peninsula, even North Carolina!

Example 4: (team training at the Field House / Chesapeake Indoor)
Looking for indoor training at the Virginia Beach Field House or in Chesapeake?  All we do is add the facility rental fee to the total cost of the training – simple.  We will organize the rental, times, trainer – all you have to do is bring your team and we will take care of the rest!

E-Mail: norfolkindoorsports@gmail.com
Phone: 757-726-7357


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Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf offers an 8,000 sq ft. facility equipped with a “field-turf” surface for year round indoor training. Designed for all sports and ages, NIST is perfect for training, practices, games, parties, & events. Check out the trainers, sports, and practices offered at NIST, or, “click-pay-play” to reserve the space yourself!