Is your son a home school student, OR, looking for an outstanding, professional, organized tackle football program this fall?

This fall (2024), for the first time, we are entering the tackle football space with a full JV (Junior Varsity) football team – that will practice and compete in full games vs. local competition

The genesis / creation of this program was to give home school students a program to learn, practice, and compete with in the fall.  We understand we may have some “non home school” families who may want to join as well 🙂

Our company specializes in football training, camps & leagues.  We run the largest 7 v 7 league in the State of Virginia, have over 3,000 students enrolled in our football classes the last 5 years, and run some of the largest football camps in VA!

We will have an OUTSTANDING coaching staff leading our JV team, that will make the experience fun, tons of learning, life lessons and more!

All info below will address the many questions parents may have below!

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Dates:  August 12, 2024 – November 16, 2024
Grades: 6 – 10 (Fall of 2024)
+ players can be home schooled OR be at a public / private school
+ $250 depot to ensure spot on roster due by June 1, 2024 (or before)
+ Only accepting 44 players on team (2 players per position)
+ We ARE accepting 2 kickers & 2 punters on our team as well
Practice:  Will start Monday August 12, 2024
Our team will practice Monday, Tuesday & Thursday each week
Our team will play 8 full games, with refs, score ect. vs. local private, public, and recreation “JV” age teams.  Full finalized schedule TBD
+ we will fully film each game
Summary:  We will field a full JV football team.  We will practice 3x per week starting August 12, with our first game Thursday September 12
We will play 3 games in Sept, 3 games in Oct, 2 games in November
We hope to have 2 players per position on offense and defense (44 total players) 11 on offense, 11 on defense x 2 = 44
Each player will be guaranteed 20 plays per game

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The cost per player will be $250 per month, or $1,000 total
Our expectation is that parents or students who want to join the program, make their first $250 payment on or before June 1, 2024
From there, we hope to take payments Aug 1, Sept 1 & Oct 1, 2024
Our company will provide all coaches, practice time, playbook, jerseys, pants, games, refs, insurance & all game details!



Ok, as you can imagine – running / establishing a full JV football team is quite an undertaking.  Good news, our company runs football leagues and camps with over 500 players per event – so we are EXPERTS at high end, first class operations

Want to provide a ton of transparency for parents, students and families on what we will provide, and what is expected of each family.  We understand in 2024 – there are a lot of leagues and organizations that are not FULLY transparent, professional, organized…if anything, we will be those 3 things!

Our coaching staff & team will provide 3 practices per week, plus 8 games
Our program will provide jerseys & game pants
All students will be responsible for helmet, shoulder pads, and “lower pads”
(we will provide suggestions)
We handle the rest!  All insurance, games, refs, coaching, playbook – everything will be handled by our staff – students just need a great attitude & effort and we will get “better each day!”


Info coming soon on roster by position


The purpose of this class is to take students through a curriculum that builds base athletic movements, introduces sound technical soccer skill development, in a fun environment that also adds guided gameplay.

Students will feel confident after attending this program that they will have improved their footwork, explosive movements, & overall soccer skill set.

Our company mission is to create confidence in ALL of our students through the teaching and ownership of fundamentals in a fun positive environment!



Our company provides a variety of sports training classes year round in Norfolk & Virginia Beach for students of all ages!  
Group classes to private 1 v 1 lessons, we have training options for players of all skill levels!
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Lots of space, lots of customizable options, SMALL PRICE!
Soccer party, flag football, dodgeball tournament, whiffle ball, and of course our most popular party: NERF WAR BATTLE party!
Our rental price is $100 per hour which includes everything!  Includes tables, chairs, game play – ZERO additional fees.  We even have bounce house options now!

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Remember, we are right in Ghent (Norfolk) and we have over 200 restaurants, breweries and bars within 2 miles of our facility that can cater!



Facility PHOTOS

Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf offers an 8,000 sq ft. facility equipped with a “field-turf” surface for year round indoor training. Designed for all sports and ages, NIST is perfect for training, practices, games, parties, & events. Check out the trainers, sports, and practices offered at NIST, or, “click-pay-play” to reserve the space yourself!