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Lacrosse is one of the hottest and fastest growing sports in state of Virginia.  Fast paced and fun to watch / play – its a skill based game that anyone can play!

Norfolk Indoor Sports is one of the LEADING facilities in Virginia providing lacrosse skills training and camps.  Our company works with the top lacrosse clubs and local college coaches & players providing expert instruction!

Our programming below is great all types of lacrosse players.  Players just picking up a stick for the first time to advanced players who are looking for additional training / practice time with college level coaches.

This is a great program for boys & girls that teaches sound fundamentals, skill work, group drills and fun games.  Text 757-726-7357 with any questions!
We will have separate mens & women’s coaches at each training session – as we realize the skills are different.

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Dates:  November 26, 2023 – December 17, 2023
Every Sunday:  10:30am – 11:30am
Boys & Girls Grades:  2 – 8  (players are separated by age & skill level) 
+ We have separate coaches for male & female players each session!
+ We have separate coaches for beginner & advanced players!

Location:  Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf
202 W. 22 St. Norfolk VA 23517
Cost:  $75 full package – price pro rates each week!
$20 per single class – walk up / drop in on ANY class date!
+ punch card option & sibling discount link below
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+ students can join program at ANY time or pay per class
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+ When does the next 7 – week session start?  Jan 7, 2024
+ class is INDOORS, it will NEVER cancel due to weather



Our lacrosse skill development with speed & agility emphasis has been SUPER popular the past 4 years because our lacrosse athletes can grow in their athletic movements AND lacrosse skills!

Each class will start with our “D1 Warm Up” – where we take students through a variety of speed & agility movements.  Our trainers will TEACH these different movements, why we use them, for students to use in the future!

Then we will do intense agility, footwork, and change of direction exercises.  Students will be grouped by age, and compete vs. themselves to improve footwork, body control & more during this segment.

Then we will spend a solid 30 minutes of pure lacrosse skill development.  Stick skills, shooting, passing, moving without the ball, defense and more!
All of our classes will be taught by current & former D1 coaches & players – who are not only sport experts, but love working with young people

We will end each class with fun group drills, small game type activities & more

Classes will high energy, very organized, with the purpose of growing our students skills and confidence!   

10:30am – Group athletic warm up.  Teaching proper running and movement mechanics.  Stretch and quick water break to follow.
10:40am – Footwork.  Drills including the speed ladder, cone work, plyometrics.  Introducing students to footwork and foot patterns that increases speed and change of direction quickness
10:50am – Skill Development work.  Stick skills.  Passing.  Shooting.  Moving without the ball.  Defense & more!
11:10am – “Drill of the Day”. This is where our coaches will introduce a drill that students can practice at home, this summer.  A “game-like” drill that translates to the game!
11:20am – Small group / small sided game-play.  This will be guided by our coaching staff.
11:30am – End of Class


+  Students please wear athletic attire 
+  Athletic cleats of any kind (not required)
+  Lacrosse stick (if you need a stick, reach out to us, we will get you one)
+  Water bottle (not required) – we have water fountains
+  Goggles are optional
+  No lacrosse pads to be worn, this is a non contact class working on skill development



Q:  What about weather?
A:  Class will NEVER cancel – our facility is an INDOOR facility, with no weather issues

Q:  Can parents drop off?  Can parents stay & watch?
A:  Parents are welcome to drop off OR stay.

Q:  Lacrosse stick?  Do students need their own lacrosse stick?
A:  Yes – all students need to have their own lacrosse stick
If you need a lacrosse stick, reach out to us 🙂 

Q:  What other lacrosse equipment is needed?
A:  No other lacrosse equipment is required.  All skills & drills are non contact
Students CAN wear goggles, mouth piece ect. if they want!



Super Simple!  Families can purchase our PUNCH CARD which allows your child, or several students to attend ANY class on a “punch card” basis
$200 pays for ANY 11 classes (less than $20 per class!)

Easy for parents who don’t want to have to register for several classes, and like the flexibility of attending classes when it works with your family’s schedule
Students can attend ANY class, any sport, on any date!  

Example:  Your child wants to attend soccer skills, speed & agility & volleyball this fall during any week, they just use 3 passes.  They DO NOT have to attend the next week.  Passes are good through July 1, 2024

Yes – you can use your passes on as many different children / siblings / friends as you want on the “same pass”.  Super flexible!
You can select the “PUNCH CARD” at check out. 
Your “PUNCH CARD” will be listed for ALL classes
You do NOT have to communicate or tell us whether you are coming or not 🙂 
You CAN use your punch card passes on ANY of our Sports757 camps that are $50 or less (saves up to $30!)

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Question?  Text: 757-726-7357



Our company provides a variety of sports training classes year round in Norfolk & Virginia Beach for students of all ages!  
Group classes to private 1 v 1 lessons, we have training options for players of all skill levels!
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Lots of space, lots of customizable options, SMALL PRICE!
Soccer party, flag football, dodgeball tournament, whiffle ball, and of course our most popular party: NERF WAR BATTLE party!
Our rental price is $100 per hour which includes everything!  Includes tables, chairs, game play – ZERO additional fees.  We even have bounce house options now!

Click Here – for full overview & all birthday options!
Remember, we are right in Ghent (Norfolk) and we have over 200 restaurants, breweries and bars within 2 miles of our facility that can cater!



Facility PHOTOS

Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf offers an 8,000 sq ft. facility equipped with a “field-turf” surface for year round indoor training. Designed for all sports and ages, NIST is perfect for training, practices, games, parties, & events. Check out the trainers, sports, and practices offered at NIST, or, “click-pay-play” to reserve the space yourself!