An awesome Official Nerf Battle + Sports Games event run by our awesome staff at Norfolk Indoor Sports!

Sports757.com provides youth sports training YEAR ROUND and our company is the #1 Nerf War & Sports Games birthday party center in Virginia!

We created a Youth Camp Event that allows kids to compete in our SUPER FUN Official Nerf Battle Games PLUS sports games such as: soccer, dodgeball, basketball & more!

To say these Youth Camp Day events are a HIT, is an understatement!
Kids come home sweaty, exhausted, with HUGE smiles on their face!
It has become “fan favorite” of our parents and students.

All the NERF & Sports games are run by our awesome staff at Norfolk Indoor Sports.  Our staff is made up of a ton of current & former college athletes from ODU, Hampton & Norfolk State who LOVE working with young people, bring a ton of energy & smiles – creating a welcoming & fun atmosphere!

At this event we will separate the kids by age, make it fun & safe, and provide ALL the equipment!  We make sure all the kids leaving having a blast!

Its OCT 29 – so we ENCOURAGE the kids to come “compete” in their Halloween Costume!  We will have Halloween backdrops to take professional photos of the kids all dressed up!

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Date: Sunday – October 29, 2023
Time:  2:30pm – 4:30pm
Check In:  2:15pm – 2:30pm
at Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf
202 W. 22 St. Norfolk VA
Ages:  6 – 12
+ Our staff will separate campers into 3 age groups +
Campers will compete by age:  (6-7,  8-9,  10-12)
Cost:  $20 per student
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Games, games PLUS more games!  This camp is ALL fun & competition!
Our staff will place students on teams (by age) and compete 4 v 4 in Official Nerf Wars, dodgeball, soccer & more!

Our awesome staff will make the event fun, exciting, upbeat, competitive – while keeping it super organized!

We provide ALL the equipment, we run & supervise ALL the games.  
Teams will compete 4 v 4 by age group, the winners will receive prizes at the end!

Parents, if your student has a group of friends who want to “compete as a team” – just text / e-mail and let us know!  We will make sure they are together as a team 🙂 

Check out the itinerary below with “parent info” as well!


2:15pm – 2:30pm  – Registration Check In 
2:30pm – Team Organization, Team Names, Teams on the Board!
2:40pm – Official NERF WAR Competition  (team points calculated)
3:00pm – Dodgeball 4 v 4 Tournament Games  (team points calculated)
3:20pm – Basketball Competition  (team points calculated)
3:40pm – Official NERF WAR Competition  (team points calculated)
4:00pm – 4 v 4 Soccer Tournament Games  (team points calculated)
4:20pm – Team Pics / Halloween Pics / Halloween Costume Winner!
4:30pm – End of Camp / Winning Teams Announced / Prizes to Winners
+ Water breaks will be placed in between games & rest time



+ Students please bring / wear: athletic attire.  Students can wear / bring cleats for the soccer, not mandatory
+ For this event, we ENCOURAGE students to wear Halloween costumes to make it fun!  We will do backdrop photoshoots of all the kids!
+ Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf
Has water fountains, 2 bathrooms, is indoors on field turf
+ Student Ages & Experience Level
Students are separated and play games by age.  Camp is CO-ED
+ Parents are welcome to sit, stay & watch at our facility.  You do not have to 🙂 
+ Weather is never an issue, all training is indoors on field turf
+ WE provide all the Sports & Nerf (guns, darts, goggles) & dodgeball equipment



Our company provides a variety of sports training classes year round in Norfolk & Virginia Beach for students of all ages!  
Group classes to private 1 v 1 lessons, we have training options for players of all skill levels!
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Lots of space, lots of customizable options, SMALL PRICE!
Soccer party, flag football, dodgeball tournament, whiffle ball, and of course our most popular party: NERF WAR BATTLE party!
Our rental price is $100 per hour which includes everything!  Includes tables, chairs, game play – ZERO additional fees.  We even have bounce house options now!

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Remember, we are right in Ghent (Norfolk) and we have over 200 restaurants, breweries and bars within 2 miles of our facility that can cater!



Facility PHOTOS

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