Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf provides an awesome venue for BIRTHDAY PARTIES for ANY age group!

Affordable and customizable with tons of options makes our venue great to make all your birthday ideas a reality. 

Read below on what we provide and ALL the different party options along with our awesome pricing.  Of course, if you have ANY questions – feel free to call, text or e-mail and we will get back to you in 24 hours.  757-726-7357
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There are a lot of details below on EVERYTHING we provide, but there are FOUR main details you need to know PRIOR to booking.
1.)  You need to check our calendar to see if your desired TIME & DATE is available (click here – to view calendar)



Location: 202 W 22 St. Norfolk VA 23517 (in GHENT)
right off 21st street in Ghent (Norfolk) surrounded by over 100 restaurants!

Space Available: 8,000 sq. feet.  (40 yards long x 30 yards wide)
– Space can be divided into 2, or 3 separate spaces
2 – Bathrooms + 2 water fountains
5 – 10 foot tables with 25 chairs
4 – available batting cages (available for baseball or softball parties)
White boards for projection or drawing
Dedicated facility parking
The facility has wall to wall brand new field turf
Sony Bluetooth speaker to play any of your music



Soccer Games Party
– we provide nets, field, balls
Nerf Gun Battle Party – Click Here
Flag Football Party
Whiffle Ball Game Party
Baseball / Softball Hitting Batting Cage Party
Volleyball Party
Dodgeball Party
“Yard Games” Party (cornhole ect.)
(new) Bounce House Party – Click Here

These are simply party “ideas / options.”  You can rent Norfolk Indoor to host a traditional birthday party, adult party, OR, any special idea you have in mind.

To be direct, we provide ALL the equipment needed to run any of these activities above. 

All of these options above are provided by Norfolk Indoor absolutely FREE.  There is NO additional charge for Nerf War Party, or any other activity we provide EXCEPT the bounce house option (pricing below)



Our most popular birthday party theme  is our Nerf War Battle Party.  We provide the guns, bullets, eyewear, set the game field and run all the games.  We set up and run the games at no additional charge, simply $100 / hour. 

There is no limit on the amount of students who can play. 

Yes, you can do a Nerf War party – combined with other sports, activities, and / or a bounce house!  Just click all the items you want at check out.

Click here for all the info and details on our Nerf War Parties!


Our company opened March 1, 2020 and as our parties have grown in number & popularity – so have the options that we provide!

We now work with a local professional bounce house company to provide a variety of bounce houses for your party.  Click Here – for all bounce house party info & options

We DO have a dedicated link that specifically details ALL the bounce house options, but to keep it super simple – you can ADD a bounce house(s) for $150 (total).  All of our bounce house parties MUST be 2.5 hours or more.  The cost is only an additional $150.  We kept it simple for our customers.  You choose the bounce house you desire – thats it!  We take care of the rest!

Yes – all of the other party options are STILL included.  Nerf War, sports, any party type you want can occur WITH the bounce house if you want.  

Example:  Your party is 12pm – 3pm.  The total cost would be $450. 
3 hour party ($300) + $150 for the bounce house(s)
Our link (click here) has additional info!


Our facility allows you to set up tables, chairs, food & drinks on ONE half of the facility while having a “PLAY SIDE” for your sport or fun.  Custom netting separates and keeps the “party side” safe.

Norfolk Indoor is located in Ghent (Norfolk) which has over 100 restaurants within a 5 mile radius of the facility for easy catering options.
Our facility does NOT cater or provide food.


Very easy.  $100 per hour for the facility rental.
That includes EVERYTHING, zero additional costs.
Soccer, whiffle ball, football, dodgeball games are at NO additional cost – pick as many as you want 🙂 
There are zero additional fees for tables, chairs.  The only thing we ask is for you to purchase set up time (if needed).   Most groups add 30 minutes for set up / take down of party.
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Q:  Can I bring in my own food & drink?
A:  Yes – absolutely.  You can bring in anything you want

Q:  Does Norfolk Indoor provide any food or drink?
A:  No, we do not have a kitchen – all food & drink must be brought in or catered

Q:  Can my party bring in props & decorations?
A:  Yes absolutely.  Feel free to decorate & make your party special!

Q:  What about parking?
A:  We have our own parking lot for you & your guests, along with over 70 parking spots (street parking) within 100 yards of our facility

Q:  Is there a party time maximum or minimum?
A:  The Nerf War Parties have a 2 hour minimum, and the bounce house parties have a 3 hour minimum.  There is no maximum on your party time

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Very simple booking process.  You can book & pay right now online.
1.  Check our facility calendar (which is always up to date) – Click Here
2.  If there IS NOT something on the calendar, THE FACILITY IS OPEN TO RENT
3.  Text 757-390-6964 & we can help you reserve the facility OR simply reserve & pay online: Click Here
Thats it!  Click – Pay – Play (Party)

Once you reserve the facility we will immediately contact you to overview your party, plan, to make your event a success!

Interested in one of our programs and have questions?
Text 757-726-7357 or e-mail:
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Facility PHOTOS

Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf offers an 8,000 sq ft. facility equipped with a “field-turf” surface for year round indoor training. Designed for all sports and ages, NIST is perfect for training, practices, games, parties, & events. Check out the trainers, sports, and practices offered at NIST, or, “click-pay-play” to reserve the space yourself!