Are you a personal trainer / coach in the 757?  Are you looking for an affordable location to do your training?  Are you passionate about your training and looking to maximize your profits?  That is the business model / concept behind Norfolk Indoor Sports.  Our original concept and business model is designed to provide a high end indoor training facility for all sports trainers at the best price in the 757, that simple.


There are many reasons Norfolk Indoor Sports is an outstanding choice for private trainers and coaches but we mainly like to focus on our BIG 3!  
1.)  Norfolk Indoor Sports is the ONLY indoor field turf in the City of Norfolk.  
2.)  We have new field turf designed for true elite sports training, allowing athletes to cut, react, and practice on a professional surface.  No “putting” turf
3.)  We have the best price in the 757, by far!  We have several options for our trainers to consider.  Our goal which we will state several times below, is to promote and make you as profitable as possible while growing YOUR business.


Size: 8,000 square feet OR 40 yards long x 25 yards wide
4 – available batting cages (custom netting creates)
2 – bathrooms
2 – water fountains
1 – Sony bluetooth audio speaker for music
Wall to wall true field turf perfect for all sports training
Equipment available to use:  cones, agilities, soccer goals, balls for all sports
Custom netting can separate the facility space into 1, 2, & 4 “boxes”
4 – 8 foot tables with 20 chairs
White boards for diagrams & meetings
All items below are available for our trainers to use at NO COST


We have four simple options for trainers, private instructors and coaches at Norfolk Indoor Sports.  All four options are detailed below.

1.  PURE DAILY FACILITY RENTAL:  If you are training 4 or fewer students, you can rent Norfolk Indoor Sports for $30 per hour.  That $30 / hour guarantees you at least 1 quarter of the facility.  If no one else books the facility during your time, you have access to the entire space!

2.  MONTHLY FACILITY RENTAL – GET YOUR OWN KEY:  If you are a high end trainer with a healthy client list, and want 24 hour access to a facility to call “home base” – we can make Norfolk Indoor your regular training facility.  You pay $250 / month, and are given a key to our facility.  We will give you a simple, 4 line contract with parameters of how to communicate with us when you are using NIST.  No extra fees, no limits on days, you truly have an indoor facility that you can call home to your training and LLC!  Seating for parents, bathrooms, water fountains – never having to cancel due to weather, cold, sunset, truly a game changer for elite sports trainers and coaches.

3.  PERCENTAGE SPLIT TRAINING CLASSES:  Want to provide small group instruction without coming out of pocket whatsoever?  Set up 4, 6, & 8 week training classes that Norfolk Indoor Sports will co-promote with you!  
We have 3 percentage splits that we negotiate with trainers depending on your / their experience level and client base.  These classes will be heavily promoted by Norfolk Indoor on our website, e-mail campaign, and social media.

4.  CLIENT BOOKING TRAINING:  If you are interested, you can appear on our (Norfolk Indoor) list of trainers available for our clients / parents who Google our company.  We are very up front about the charge and payout per training session.  The client has two (2) package options.  $60 for 1 lesson, or $250 for 5 lessons.  You (the trainer) are paid $30 per session.  Each “Norfolk Indoor” training session is 75 minutes.  You (the trainer) have access to use Norfolk Indoor OR travel to the clients location.  If you travel as the trainer, the payment increases to $40 per lesson. 
Click Here – to view the Norfolk Indoor Private training lesson page.


Are you a current or former Division 1 student athlete, or possible former professional athlete?  Norfolk Indoor has a program to start, build, promote, brand, and assist in building your training business and career.
Private 1 v 1 and small group training can be very profitable if executed correctly – which Norfolk Indoor Sports has extensive experience in.

Why would a Division 1 athlete train at Norfolk Indoor Sports?  We provide facility space, clients, insurance, online registration, and promote your training ALL FOR FREE.  All that we ask is that you co-promote your own training as much as we work at it!
Norfolk Indoor Sports loves adding Division 1 athletes to our “available trainer” list for our clients – because of their knowledge base, mentorship, and parents love working with current and former D1 athletes who are successful student-athletes.  Norfolk Indoor also loves the benefit of YOUR (D1 athlete) social media impact.  We continue to work VERY hard at our IG, Twitter & Facebook – and we realize that athletes social media impact is tremendous, which we find great value in!

D1 student athletes will quickly find (become educated) that our program is a tremendous WIN.  We promote you, we pay you immediately after each session, and you have ZERO out of pocket expenses.  Setting up facility rental, insurance, website, online payment, purchasing equipment can become very costly – that is all provided for FREE working with Norfolk Indoor.


Are you a Division 1 Coach, graduate assistant or CURRENT D1 college player?
We have a program that is exploding in popularity where our D1 coaches and players train entire teams.  
Click Here – to view the “how and what”
It is a great opportunity for our current student athletes to make good profits, training entire teams – who see the benefit of having their team around current D1 players, their knowledge base, and mentorship.


Want someone from Norfolk Indoor Sports to reach out to you?  Please fill out our simple form.  We will reach out to you immediately with info, a personal facility tour and training options.  Text: 757-726-7357 or e-mail if preferred.  We always will get back to you within 24 hours!

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Norfolk Indoor Sports Turf offers an 8,000 sq ft. facility equipped with a “field-turf” surface for year round indoor training. Designed for all sports and ages, NIST is perfect for training, practices, games, parties, & events. Check out the trainers, sports, and practices offered at NIST, or, “click-pay-play” to reserve the space yourself!